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Rolling Trademarks is a cloud management solution that allows simplified and efficient management of all major routines related to the registration of a national, European or international trademark.

It is the perfect solution for those who need to work remotely: anywhere, anytime and on any device!

More control over your intellectual assets

Automate processes

Register a trademark and immediately see the automatic tasks, automatically calculated deadlines and alerts you need.

Ensure your competitive edge

View the most important reports on trademarks registration, tasks, expenses, among others, and ensure the control of your assets.

Improve your portfolio management

Do not jeopardize your markets' strategy. Ensure that all deadlines are met automatically.

All the features you need, in one place

Evolutionary Platform

Constant updates and new features at no additional cost.

Registration Management

Greater organization and control of all trademarks registrations, with a total view over all history.

Renewals Control

Automatic renewals and alerts based on pre-defined legal periods for each country.

Agreement Management

Monitoring of coexistence and assignment agreements, oppositions and proofs of use.

Domain Management

Control of all trademarks domains and their renewals with automatic alerts.

File Management

Management of all types of files in an organized, simplified and collaborative way.

Expenses Control

Monitoring of all types of expenses: new registrations, actions, general expenses and domain expenses.

Reports and Dashboards

Thorough analysis of your trademarks through intuitive, real-time dashboards.

E-mail Integration

Outlook or Google integration possible.

Customized workflows

Customize the platform according to your needs, through appropriate processes for your business.

Web API integration

Integrate with any external application to access or receive relevant data.

GDPR Ready

Security, anonymization and data portability, consent, and much more, to ensure GDPR compliance.

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What is Rolling Trademarks?

Rolling Trademarks is a cloud platform designed for national, European and international trademarks management.
It provides a 360° view of your trademarks, registrations and renewals offering easy and efficient management.
As it can be fully adapted to your business needs, it allows you to automate the main tasks that occupy your time and dedicate yourself to those tasks that really generate value for your company.



Does Rolling Trademarks work on mobile devices?

Yes. Rolling Trademarks is supported on a variety of mobile platforms, including Android (v4.2+) and iOS (v8.0+).

Additionally, the mobile browser app is accessible to many more devices, such as Blackberry (OS10.2+) and others through a web browser with internet connection.

For a complete list of compatible mobile phones, tablets, and other devices, click here.

How secure is my data in Rolling Trademarks?

Rolling Trademarks is built on Salesforce Platform, a robust and flexible security architecture trusted by companies around the world, including those in the most heavily regulated industries — from financial services, to healthcare, to government.
Trusted by more than 150,000 companies across all industries and around the world, the platform provides security and control over everything from user and client authentication through administrative permissions to the data access and sharing model.

Org Security — Salesforce protects your organization’s data from all other customer data by using a unique identifier that restricts access to your data at every level from anyone outside of your company — including us.

User Security — User authentication (both delegated and SAML) combined with network-level security by IP address, session restrictions, and audit trails provides control and visibility into what users are doing in the system and their field history.

Programmatic Security — Configurable authenticated sessions secure access to logic, data, and metadata. Salesforce even offers a source code scanner that produces a report analyzing the security of your code.

Trust and Visibility — Trust starts with transparency, so Salesforce displays real-time information on system performance and security, and offers tips on best security practices for your organization. Learn more at

Can I integrate Rolling Trademarks with my e-mail?

Yes, Rolling Trademarks can be integrated with Outlook or Gmail.
For Outlook, the e-mail server must be Exchange Online with Office 365, Exchange 2019, 2016 or 2013 on-premises.
For Gmail, it is necessary to have Gmail Suite with a unique e-mail domain.

What external applications can I integrate with Rolling Trademarks?

Rolling Trademarks can be integrated with various external applications:

- File Storage: Sharepoint Online, Google Drive, One Drive, among others;
- Marketing Platforms: Pardot, Mailchimp, among others.

If there is not yet an immediate integration available, Rolling Space can develop this integration through web services API.