The effective way to build a company-wide cyber security environment

Transform human frailties into strengths, capitalizing on the ability to learn, and make your staff your new first line of defense.

Did you know that more than 80% of all cyber-cidents are caused by human error?

Companies lose millions recovering from employee-related incidents... but traditional training programmes often fail to achieve the desired behavioral and motivational changes.

ASAP (Automated Security Awareness Platform) is an easy-to-use online management tool designed to develop cyber security skills of employees, level by level.

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Training that works: the skills acquired will be applied

Focused on knowledge required

No overload: micro learning modules allow users to set their own pace and learn only the skills needed for their everyday life.


Learn what you need to know, based on your role and risk profile. Real-life examples and skills that can be used immediately (learning by doing)

Designed according to what people think

Information and skills easy to understand and retain, thanks to methodologies based on the specificities of human memory.

Gradual and continuous learning

From the simple to the more complex. It allows the expanding and applying of previously acquired knowledge in new contexts

Easy to manage and control

Automatic management of online learning. Invitations and motivational emails automatically sent with individual recommendations for each student

Follows the trends

Compare your results with benchmarks. Students can compare individual results with others.

Enhance the learning consolidation

Interact and motivate workers to take the safety awareness course, making it a fun and competitive gaming experience.

Intuitive panels and practical reports

Monitor the data

Get real-time monitoring of data, trends and forecasts.

Choose the level of your need

Address the issues before they become a problem (e.g. knowing which organisational units need more attention and can influence their results).

Know what to expect

Use forecasts to achieve the training goals.