Systems and Network Monitoring

System Monitoring

As a network increases in size and importance, so does the need to ensure the network runs (and keeps running) effectively. To achieve this, it is necessary not only to know what devices make up the IT infrastructure (inventory) but also to keep an eye on those devices in terms of availability, health status and performance.


While it is possible to manually monitor IT infrastructure, especially on a small network, it can become quite time consuming and even out-rightly impossible in most cases. Because of this, several tools are available to help with IT infrastructure monitoring and these tools will include features like:

  • A way to add devices/services to be monitored (e.g. text-based, CLI, GUI).
  • Availability, performance monitoring, and/or health status.
  • Alerting to notify the appropriate persons when something goes wrong (or is about to go wrong) – SMS, Email, Etc.
  • Reporting to provide details about what has happened/is happening.

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