Email Signatures Management

Email Signatures Management

Email signatures can be applied centrally to Exchange and Office 365 emails by using mail flow rules. This approach, however, is not often used in real life because it lacks some basic features. These limitations are mainly:

  • Inability to insert email signatures under the latest reply/forward in a conversation chain.
  • Recipients receive images from email signatures as attachments.
  • The lack of an HTML editor makes the email signatures implementation difficult.
  • Email signatures are not visible in the Sent Items folders.

Main Security Assets

Unifying email signatures in a company can be a difficult task when you have tens, or thousands of users, using various email clients (Outlook, OWA, iPhone/iPad, Android etc). Some users may configure their signatures correctly, but others will fail to include all the necessary (e.g. contact) details, or will create a layout inconsistent with Corporate Identity, or won't paste in the required legal disclaimer that's supposed to protect the company.

Most companies host their electronic mail on on-premise platforms like Microsoft Exchange Server, or Cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365, which come with built-in features that allow for designing and deploying email signatures centrally.


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