Rolling Trademarks


Your Trademarks Portfolio in one app!

Rolling Trademarks is a complete cloud solution that allows easy and efficient management of all major routines related to the registration of a national, european or international trademark. 
As it can be fully adapted to your business needs, it allows you to automate the main tasks that occupy your time and dedicate yourself to the tasks that actually generate value for your company.

Rolling Trademarks gives you a 360-degree view of your trademarks, registrations and renewals. Anywhere, anytime and on any device!


Save time, reduce paper and grow your business!

Rolling Trademarks provides you with an immediate and global overview of the key registration status of all your trademarks, as well as their geographical extent, which allows you to better understand your intellectual property and helps you make strategic decisions about your business.
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Simple management of renewal rules in all countries

Control of trademark registration processes with timeline and automated tasks

Native application for mobile devices (iOS and Android)

Easy-to-use calendar management with alerts

Detailed Reports and Dashboards

Tailor-made workflows and approval processes

Coexistence and Assignment Agreements, Oppositions and Proofs of Use

E-mail (Outlook and Gmail), file storage and any other application integration through web services API

Renewal date calculation and simple management of renewal rules in all countries

Easy requests, expenses and documents management

Intuitive, easy to use and customizable interface




Simplify your activity with automation and task control!

Efficient and more productive management is not compatible with repetitive, easily automated tasks.

With Rolling Trademarks, you can automate recurring tasks and delegate others according to each employee's position.
Another platform's advantage is that, when performing the trademark registration process, the most relevant deadlines are automatically calculated and alerts are created for their management.
For a more efficient control of crucial dates.
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Ensure your competitive advantage!

A company's trademark is one of its most important assets and the guarantee of its commercial and legal protection is a competitive advantage that must not be neglected.

Rolling Trademarks allows you to make informed decisions about maintaining trademarks that are aligned or not with your business strategy.
With the ability to immediately view customized dashboards with the most important reports / data for your business, resolutions can be made more efficiently and quickly.
From controlling expenses and payments, to coexistence agreements and oppositions, everything is easily accessible with just a click.






Control your intellectual property 24h/7!

Checking your trademark status is not compatible with fixed and limited times.

With Rolling Trademarks you can access your trademarks portfolio safely and intelligently, any time of the day, anywhere and on any device via a browser.

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Improve your trademarks portfolio management!

Whether small or growing, your company's trademarks or domains portfolio is an activity that requires total dedication. And often, all it takes is a poorly calculated detail or deadline to put an entire strategy for a given market at risk. With automated tasks and deadline calculations, automated registration processes by country groups, simple management of renewal rules, pending issues, agreements and oppositions, Rolling Trademarks helps in the most critical tasks, decreasing error margins and increasing productivity.



Automates processes and generates personalized e-mail alerts, avoiding forgetting deadlines and important details.


Provides an overview of all trademark and domain registrations through easy and intuitive reports and dashboards.


It allows easy management and constant monitoring of registrations and their expenses, simplifying the most recurring tasks.


Provides an internal chat that promotes a more effective, fast and objective communication.


It has extensive security and privacy certifications and is developed under the Salesforce™ Platform, a world leader in CRM.

GPDR Ready

Encrypts Client-Server data and is hosted on servers in Europe. Prepared to implement RGPD processes.                        

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