Rolling Legal


The Complete Solution for Law Firms and Legal Departments

Rolling Legal is a cloud-based practice management solution that provides a simple system for the law practice business. It offers a set of tools that simplify the daily tasks of any lawyer or legal department and can be fully adapted to the needs of your business.

It gives you
 360-degree vision of all your Legal Processes based on the #1 cloud platform. Anywhere, Anytime, Any device.

  Rolling legal

Make informed decisions
for the success of your processes!

Rolling Legal gives your law firm or legal department a huge competitive advantage.
This is because legal management becomes more professional, controlled, organized and productive, which means a higher success rate!
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Current account with transactions and available balance

Matters management and analytics

Easy-to-use calendar management with alerts

Detailed Reports & Dashboards

Tailor-made workflows and approval processes

E-mail (Outlook and Gmail), file storage and any other application integration through web services API

Intuitive, easy to use and customizable interface

Native application for iOS and Android

Time entries to control all the tasks per employee

Expenses, Payments and automated Fee Notes




Increase productivity!

Controlling the routine of a law firm or legal department is not simple. 

Through a simple and intuitive system, Rolling Legal offers a set of tools that automate repetitive tasks and simplify the daily routines of any lawyer or legal department.

With the controlled routine and organized workflow, it is not hard to imagine that the productivity of the entire team will increase.
And you'll be able to devote your time to the tasks that really matter. 
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Ensure management and task control!

The workflow in a law firm or legal department involves many professionals.

Which activities are planned and who will be responsible? Can everyone have access to certain information? How is it possible to manage time in the workflow?
With Rolling Legal you can record time entries per employee, delegate tasks easily and quickly, update activities in real time, among other features. In this way, all procedures can be monitored and work is managed in a controlled way so that it can be correctly charged.





Manage your business anytime, anywhere!

Legal professionals expect to have the information available anywhere and on any device.

With Rolling Legal, you optimize the performance of all your legal operations through the management of matters, contracts, customers, fee notes, payments, calendar, documents, among others.
All available though a browser, smartphone or tablet.

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Save time and money!

It can be stressful to constantly have to make important decisions about your office or department. One of the great advantages of Rolling Legal is the gathering and analysis of strategic information. The analysis of this data allows you to make more informed decisions for the success of your business. You can understand what are the standards, actions and requirements of your customers. This information integrates management reports that can be used to better run the office.



Prevents missed deadlines and forgotten details with custom e-mail alerts and automated processes.


Matters and expenses management and monitoring, simplifying the most recurring tasks.


It provides an internal “social network” that provides easier and faster communication.            


Developed under Salesforce Platform™, the world's leading CRM, holding extensive security and privacy certifications.

GPDR Ready

Ready to implement GDPR processes. Hosted on servers in Europe. Data encrypted client - server.


Overview of all matters through easy and intuitive reports and dashboards.                                            

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