Rolling Space is now part of the COTEC Innovation SME Network

Rolling Space was recently hosted at the COTEC Innovation SME Network, in a ceremony of the 9th COTEC Innovation SME Meeting, held recently at Cine-Teatro Garrett, in Póvoa de Varzim.
This integration was possible thanks to the company's ranking in the Innovation Scoring®, a diagnosis of the companies' innovation performance. The Innovation Scoring® platform allows the monitoring of the companies' evolution in the different indicators through the benchmarking module, as well as the consultation of good innovation management practices in each dimension of the Innovation Scoring (Strategy, Organization, RDI Processes, Drivers and Impact).
For Rita Cardoso, General Manager of Rolling Space, this admission in the SME Innovation Network COTEC reinforces the company's strategy to follow the developments and updates of the main players, in order to prepare for the future. According to her, "the contact with different business worlds, different activity sectors, internal and specific business processes of each client company, has allowed an enormous organizational and collaborative growth. Deep business notions were gained, working methods were improved, new management tools were adopted internally as well as code/ version control tools, new infrastructures were created and resources were optimised".
It is worth mentioning that Rolling Space has been broadening the scope of action for the development of business process management applications, specific for different sectors of activity, integration with ERP, integration with Marketing Automation platforms, integration with multiple CTI tools, among others.
COTEC Portugal is the main Portuguese business association for the promotion of innovation and technological business cooperation. COTEC Portugal's universe includes multinational companies, large national groups and SMEs, in various activity sectors, representing, in aggregate terms, more than 16% of GDP in gross value added and 8% of private employment.
COTEC Portugal's main activities include the anticipation and reflection on key innovation issues with an impact on companies' competitiveness, the activation of collaborative platforms and networks and the contribution to the improvement of public policies on innovation issues. Established in 2003, COTEC Portugal has deserved the support of the acting President of the Republic from the outset, who currently assumes the status of Honorary President.
More recently, COTEC was distinguished with the status of public utility institution.

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